Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ayurveda treatments in Kovalam

The Asbtangabridaya, a classical text on medicine, is the foundation of Ayurveda in Kerala. Its author Vagbhata, was a disciple of a buddhist physician and received little recognition in the rest of India. It is beleived that a few brahmin families were the original Ayurveda physicians, and their descendants still carry the honorific title Asbtavaidyan.

Today, the holistic science of healing is practised throughout India, and is associated with Kerala on account of the many colleges and hospitals, such as Kattakal, and the Ayurvedic resorts that have recently become established in the state.

There are many Ayurvedic resorts and hotels in Kovalam and the surrounding areas, providing treatment programmes for patients suffering from arthritic problems, backaches and chronic ailments, plus meditation, yoga and stress-relief programmes.

For the most visitors, the most enjoyable and relaxing Ayurvedic treatment is a massage, which is also the first cleansing theraphy offered to most patients as a form of predetoxification. The massage oils have properties that help to heal and protect the skin; The therapist uses gentle, circular movements - with a degree of pressure depending on the patients condition - covering the head and the body, and the massage is followed by a steam bath.

The treatments on offer at Ayurvedic Resorts include the following:-

Dhara; a thin flow of herbal oil, from a pot with a hole suspended over the patient's head is directed to a spot on the forehead near the eyebrows, and then stroked down the hair by the therapist and allowed to permeate the skin. The oil may be massaged into the scalp if prescribed by the physican. Other forms of dhara include the pouring of buttermilk, fermented yoghurt - based fluids or medicated milk over the forehead or body.

Karnapoornam; Ear treatment.

Marma Kizhi; Massage with herbal powder - filled cloth bags.

Nasyam or Nasya Karma; Nasal theraphy, which involves inhaling vapours.

Pizhichil; A herbal compress.

Sirolepam; Application of herbal pastes chosen for the patients.

Snehapanam; Administered ghee internally for patients of Osteoarthritis, Leukaemia and other ailments.

Sveda; Induces perspiration by application of herbal bundles, along with steam baths or herbal tub baths.

Tharpanam and Ajanams; Eye treatments.

Udvarthanam; Herbal powder massage.

Urovasti; Administration of oil to the chest.

Some resorts also offer synchronised massage by two or more therapists, as well as Chavatti Vzhicil which is done by foot instead of by hand, for rejuvenation, muscle toning, weightloss, and improved circulation.

The Aazhimala Ayurveda beach resort at Chowara 10 km’s south of Kovalam, is worth a mention. 16 terraced cottages clinging to the picturesque hillside, with a secluded little bay free of hawkers. All the rooms, reasonably priced from £40 a night, have great views of the Arabian Sea. The Aazhimala has a fully equiped Ayurveda, Panchakarma treatment centre, open air yoga and meditation facilities.

Here is a video showing the hotel and the different Ayurveda treatments.

Well, why all the talk about Ayurveda? The Aazhimala Ayurveda beach resort is up for sale. Go to for all the details and take this opportunity to "Own the Land where Gods once stayed."

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Interview with a Kovalam and Vizhinjam Real Estate Agent Part 2

Here is the second part of my interview with Mr Parasu concerning Real Estate in Kovalam and Vizhinjam.

Q. Can you give my readers an example of a house and how much it costs to build?

A. Sure, Last year( 2009) a women called Mrs Bevi from Wembley in London, asked if I could help in acquiring some land and the hiring of a trustworthy building company.

Here is a picture of the land.

kovalam 5 cents land

It is 5 cents or 202sqm. It cost 11 laks or 1100,000 INR. your international readers can work out their own currency here. The land is in a nice quite road 10 minutes from kovalam junction and about a kilometer from the beach.

This is the finished project. While it is not huge compared to europeon or american standards at 1,200 sq meters. It has infact 3 bedrooms (1 attached bathroom), bathroom, Living room, kitchen.and a large outdoor porch. The cost for the building and the Installation of electric and water 17 laks

kovalam house

Is has been built so that a second floor, can be made in the future if required.

Q. Very nice little house for about £34,000

A. Yes, plus the price shall appreciate due to the Vizhinjam trans-terminal port project.

Q.Is their any large scale house building projects being built?

A. Not at the moment, but its sure to start soon, the workers at Vizhinjam will need to be housed. A great opportunity for someone.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

൨ ന്യൂ BLOGS

For all of the followers of this blog I am pleased to announce I have just started 2 brand new blogs. : Here I write about my past and present activities. I hope you will find out a little more about me.

I will use this blog to talk about Social Media Marketing, I will be adding videos, podcasts and various posts, which I hope you will find interesting. Those who know me well, understand that it must have on it my other passions 70s rock and roll music and travel. : This site will only be free material explaining how to succeed with Social Media Advertising. Currently there is a free social media marketing ebook for download. This ebook will only be available to the 1st November 2010. After that date I will remove it, so download now its Free.


Friday, 18 June 2010

കോവളം'സ Multi-Purpose Reef

Now that the artificial reef is finished, which is placed by the rocks under the lighthouse. Kovalam is waiting with the monsoon season coming, to see if it will help to save the beach. Here is a video of the building of the reef. At the moment most talk has been about the waves for the surfers are they bigger now or not.

In my opinion, there has always been big waves on this corner of lighthouse beach, however, my concern like most others is will it help. Only time will tell.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

ബാക്ക് ടറെദ് ന്യൂസ്‌

Hi, sorry I have not updated for a while. Here is a short summary what has happened in Kovalam and Vizhinjam in the last couple of months.

March 6 : A new Coast Guard Administrative Complex at Vizhinjam. The complex inaugurated by the Defence Minister A K Antony comprises four buildings and includes both the administrative complex as well as living accommodation for men. The administrative complex includes an Operations Centre, Communication Station, a conference hall, a parade ground and outdoor sports facilities.

May 3 : Kerala Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Vijayakumarlaid the foundation stone for Indias first 500 Tonne Safe Working Load Bollard Pull Testing facility at the Fishing Harbour in Vizhinjam. ''Bollard Pull trials are conducted for determinig the maximum load that a ship can pull. The ship is tied to a fixed Bollard (a vertical structure) at shore. The pull of the vessal under maximum operating condition is measured by means of a load cell.''

April 17 : Minister for Ports M. Vijayakumar, held discussions with Jesus del Rio Mateu, Director General, International Trade, Port of Barcelona. He said the development of a port had to be seen in the light of its long- term benefits and its potential to create wealth at the local level. A transhipment terminal, he explained, would benefit only the operators. “A port with multiple facilities such as cruise terminal, export and import, free zone and transhipment offers better scope for long-term development."
The port of Barcelona is about 2,000 years old. The ninth biggest terminal in Europe, it handles 23 lakh containers every year. It also features a free trade industrial park, shopping mall, multiplex and the largest aquarium in Europe. It has trade relations with 825 ports across the world.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Interview with a Kovalam and Vizhinjam Real Estate Agent Part 1

Today, I am asking questions about purchasing land and property in Kovalam, India with real estate expert Mr Parasu from

Q. Can you tell me little about yourself?

A. Hi everybody, I am a real estate agent with a government sanctioned license to sell property in Kovalam, Vizhinjam and the surrounding areas. I also broker property agreements between foreign companies and Indian land owners.

Q. I will get straight to the point. Is is possible for foreign nationals to buy land in India?

A. Before I can answer, I need to tell everyone that India has different laws for different nationalities and for Indians who live abroad. However, to make it understandable I will answer your question, while dividing the different groups.

(a)National Citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal or Bhutan can not buy property in India. Unless they are resident in India and then it would require approval by Reserve Bank and the Government of India.

(b)A foreign citizen who is not of Indian origin for example David Beckham or Beyonce cannot buy land in India unless

(i)He or she stays/lives in India for 182 days a year, but like everything in India , its not that simple. The Indian laws permit foreign nationals with valid visas to buy property, subject to rules layed down by the state governments. But, has to be recognised as a person resident in India under Fema, In theory, a person has to have all the supporting documents. However, theory is theory and India is India.

(ii)Everybody is welcome to start a business in India, if you have a business as a sole proprietorship (Only declaration of profit at the tax return is obligatory) or a joint venture purchase of property is possible. A investment of 1,000,000 INR is required.

(iii)A foreign company, which sets up a branch office or place of business in India, can acquire property necessary for carrying out its business.As long as they follow rules set down by Fema, investment, visas ect,ect.....

(iv)While it is not legal, many foreign citizens buy land as joint ventures or with surrogate partners. A foreign national can inherit or receive as a gift property in India from a person who is a resident in India. In India, money makes most things possible.

(c)Non-Resident Indian (NRI) a citizen of India resident outside India or Person of Indian Origin (PIO)- that is an individual that at any time, held a Indian passport, or whose father or grandfather was a citizen of India by virtue of the Constitution of India or the Citizenship Act, 1955, can buy property.

While I have answered your questions in general terms, if anyone requires detailed explanations or advice, they can feel free to contact me at

Q. Thanks Parasu. How is the Indian real estate market?

A. Most of my knowledge is based in Trivandrum, Kovalam, Vizhinjam and the surrounding areas. I know that in Mumbai the prices are rising again around 3%, but its starting at a low level from the huge drop of 25% in 2009. Here in Kovalam, the prices have stabilized, apart from property on Kovalam beach which continues to rise, due to location and lack of new property. While property prices are not rising at the moment, which means its a great time to invest. This is opinion is based on the predicted continued expansion of tourism at Kovalam beach, and the huge
Vizhinjam International Container Transshipment Terminal project. In the next 10 years this area will be unrecognisable.

Q. How much does it cost to buy a three bedroom house in Kovalam?

A. It is traditional in Kovalam and infact all of Kerala for houses to stand alone in a small plot of land. Old houses depending on size are cheaper, for example a new 4 - 5 bedroom villa costs around 5,000,000 INR ( $ 101,300 USD). If a plot of 5 cents is purchased and a new house is built on it, It would cost half as much! Worth a investment?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Vellayani lake properties advice

Everyone who has been to Kerala, has seen the beautifull backwater properties. Here in Kovalam we have backwater properties and land plots for sale, at Vellayani Lake behind Kovalam Junction. If you can imagine purchasing as a vacation property or an investment. It is a good idea to read the following tips

1/. Have a good look at Google earth/Map or a local map for the geography of the area, roads and lake crossings.

2/ Find out with the local and state authorities, if any projects are planned, geological surveys monitoring water depths, watershed runoff ect,ect...

3/.Check out the property, lake shore, and lake. Find out exactly where the boundry line is. Look for erosion on the beach and any water lines on shore, or trees, it can give you an idea of how much the lake rises in the monsoon season.

4/.Talk to the locals to find out about your land and the lake. When the lake rises, if any restrictions and covenants exist? What species of snakes are in the area. If you own a boat make sure the shore line and lake is deep enough to launch your boat from the property.

5/.Know what you want. Telling a Realtor what it is you want will ensure that you get just that. If you are looking for a secluded vacation home or something close to the fishing hot spots, a real estate agent will be familiar with the lake, area, and neighborhood. The chances are they will know exactly where to find what you are looking for.

Mr Parasu a real estate agent in Kovalam will gladly help you through the backwater home buying process. Talking with a him will help you get everything you want out of your investment.